How it works

making Your own apple cider

We arrive with our sparkling 8 x 20 foot custom-built trailer which contains our Mobile Mill at you location where the clean/crisp appples have been gathered. we require a minimum 6 bins (120 bushels).
We hook up to your potable water source, and lift all three sides of our Mobile Mill to reveal our stainless steel processing equipment. You deposit your apples into our washer and PRESTO watch their speedy transformation into fresh pasteurized cider in minutes

Each box of cider also has room for your own custom label.

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site requirements
  1. Minimum of 6 bins (120 bushels) clean and crisp apples. Don't have enough apples? - invite a friend to bring their apples over.

  2. A staff member for the day to help load the apples, remove cider & remove mash.

  3. An open, level space approximately 30x30ft (10mx10m).

  4. A potable water hookup in relatively close proximity. Water pressure is required.

  5. One 120 volt outlet (if possible).

Bag-in-box packaging

Proud to be made in Ontario

Geissberger Farmhouse Ciders award winning Bag-in-Box packaging keeps your cider fresh without refrigeration or preservatives.

Our high temperature - short time pasteurizer heats the cider to 80'C for 10 seconds and then the cider is placed in the BPA free bag where a vacuum seal is created to prevent fermentation.

We are also please to announce that the process and material used to make the cardboard box is Forest Sustainable Certified (FSC).

Benefits of Bag-in-Box packaging:

a) Cider is packaged with no perservatives

b) Save Refrigerator Space - Bag-in-Box cider does not require refrigeration. Leave it on your counter to enjoy or you can chill it in the refrigerator. Bag-in-Box cider cannot be frozen.

c) Stays Fresh Longer! - Unopened Bag-in-Box cider has a shelf life of 1 year. Once the valve is opened the cider must be enjoyed within 3 months. (refrigeration still not required.) Cider is placed hot in the bag and the spout prevents air from entering the bag and contacting the cider to start fermentation.

helping the environment

Why Bag-in-box packaging

We are very proud that our bag-in-box packaging is made in Ontario. With the awareness of single use plastics, bag-in-box packaging 75% of our packaging is recyclable working towards 100% by 2022 but that is only a small part of reducing carbon footprint:
~ 8 X lower carbon footprint then glass bottle
~ Less Food Waste - Longer shelf life (without required refrigeraton)
~ 4 x less space required for shipping compared to 3L plastic juice bottle